16Pads / 16пэдов

The abstract hip-hop material currently attributable to "16Pads" originates in a couple of disparate locations: Krasnodar and Moscow. In the former city lives Evgeny Matveev, otherwise known as Slim BitS or, more recently, Invaze. His colleague, resident in the Russian capital, is Mikhail Fotchenkov who performs as KnBTZ. Between those two individuals lie roughly 800 miles of road and rail.

Fotchenkov's networking resource on Vkontakte is given over almost entirely to soft-focus photographs of local streets and treasured musical instruments. The author himself is rarely evident. Despite that minor presence, one of the main comments from listeners at KnBTZ's Soundcloud account late last year read - in no uncertain terms - "BIG!" That sense of grand dreaming has been handled better by visual tools than by anything verbal. Romance needs no wordy justification.


16Pads – Amazing