Vmgnovenijah: "Smoke" and a Stubborn Independence

Vmgnovenijah are a trio: Sasha Stroganov (guitar/vocals),  Svyatoslav Vershinin (drums/percussion), and Pavel Klushnik (bass). Their ornate, almost unpronounceable stage-name is actually a deliberately odd combination of two words in Russian, which - when placed equally close in English - might read "Inmoments." This wanton avoidance of marketable clarity is suggested not only in the new LP title, "Smoke" (Дым), but also in a long-standing reluctance to promote anything whatsoever. The band's semi-serious "emo punk" or "prog–core" tags display a related degree of imprecision. Much effort is invested in meaning little.

Vmgnovenijah's profile on Facebook is nothing more than a single Russian sentence: "Independent Scandal since 2008 - from Tver." That leafy medieval town, which once challenged Moscow's supremacy, is now home to three men who a cultivate distance from the capital, its business structures, and any profit-driven need to avoid scandal.  

Likewise, the album's publication date is accompanied by the term "samizdat," or "self-published." That compound noun harks bark to the proud independence of Soviet dissidents, who were equally keen to avoid the ideology and economic norms of Moscow. In today's political climate, the most productive form of independence is to refuse anything centralized, be it aesthetic, audible, or architectural. Old buildings are preferred to nasty new ideas. 

"С 2008 года Вмгновениях ведут усиленную борьбу с музыкальными стереотипами относительно своего родного города. Более того эта многолетняя борьба только закаляла ребят и сделала из них чуть ли не единственную группу в стране, чье представление о пост-хардкоре настолько близко великим At the Drive-in, недавний релиз "Усталость" может только подтвердить этот тезис."

Self-release, Tver (2017)



Vmgnovenijah – Sleeplessness

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