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Doubting Exclamations: Alabama Joe, Aorta, Say!More! and Phooey!
Four rock bands from Ukrainian and Russian towns present new material that embodies a marked tension between subversion and acquiescence. Discontent and acceptance find voice simultaneously.
Mythical Distances: Zemfira, Morekorabli, The Stokes, and Perfect Decade
The new film from Renata Litvinova and Zemfira involves much discussion of death as a tantalizing passage. For other artists, far from Moscow, physical distances take on an equally striking metaphysical air.
Pathetic Records: Apparently the Worst Label in the World
From an ancient Ukrainian city come the sounds of Pathetic Records, a label dedicated to extreme forms of amateurism. Noisy simplicity is espoused both in avoidance of primetime glitz and in order to survive (come what may).
The Strange Advantages of Indifference: SBPCh, CAWA, and Phooey!
These three collectives from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Zhytomyr (Ukr.) all use a recognizably droll, even disinterested style of lyrical delivery. Behind that apparent indifference lies an intriguing view of the world.

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