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From Desire into Destiny: Thvn, 30x, Cisfinitum, Yayati, and A. Saykov
Some gentle, introspective works from industrial Ukraine and Kazan place high value on the importance of aimless, purposeless composition. Gradually, however, a fixed worldview takes shape.
Simple Joys: Easy Changes, Kush Berry, Yaha Zveroboy, and AN:TI
The Magnit label in Zaporozhye, Ukraine does much to celebrate tech-house as an antidote to local actuality. A few related releases from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod also try to cancel material discomfort with sound.
Urban Sounds Leave Town: B Lous, Sideflip, Dawncat, and Oriole
Some new abstract hip-hop and bass/beats recordings from Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia would, for generic reasons, lead us to expect some urban roots. All of these releases, however, yearn for somewhere greener.
Preceding Reputations: Cacao Mars, Agraba, Prime Beats, and 4Dust
Four releases from house, rap, and abstract hip-hop artists all show the enduring importance of an overseas reputation. Some productive stereotypes continue to work well on the other side of the world.
Daydreams Big and Small: Venger Collective, Celebrine, and Pusk Raketi
The ensembles here come from radically different surroundings: the industrial streets of Zaporozhe and the chic salons of Moscow. The romance evident within their music is colored by those same, juxtaposed contexts.
Secret Romance of the South: Modul, Yaha Zveroboy, and Highway Records
New tech-house recordings from Zaporozhye and Krasnodar lead to some questions regarding "provincial" dance music. Offering one of the most pleasant and optimistic outlooks is Mike Spirit, owner of Moscow's Highway Records.
Dzhazovyi and Beppe: Hip-Hop and Some (Un)happy Memories
Two new albums from Ukraine and Kazakhstan have just been released in ways that link trip- or abstract hip-hop to the slow and comfortable workings of nostalgia.

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