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Monologs and a Stereo Sound: Vanyn, Ethica, Bananafish & Jonny Online
The recordings under consideration all speak in favor of humility and various forms of dialog. Current actuality, however, tends to prefer a strident monolog.
Fortitude: Alabama Joe, The Toads, Galman Project, and Roundaround
A handful of new rock recordings include overlapping issues of isolation, impending poverty, and grim destiny. Considerable effort is needed in order to erase those feelings of diminished agency.
Escape Plans: Lay-Far, Olivaw, Stol-Stul-Steny, and John Example
In the face of grim predictability, repetition, and market-driven norms, these musicians and their new releases consider a few alternatives. They run all the way from science fiction to surreal improvisation.
Distant Possibilities: Lucidvox, KSI, Bergen Kremer, and Surfgreen
These four bands from disparate Russian locations share a romance that's directed towards isolated, imprecise objects of desire. Local existence often fails to please; hope looks elsewhere.
Noiselessness: John Whitehorse, Mark Meino, Xen Mayer, and Inverted Anima
The Yekaterinburg techno label Deep-X continues to publish minimal and industrial recordings from a range of Slavic nations. Common to the most recent releases is a noisy, determined spirit - one designed to champion peace and quiet.

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