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Deep in the Forest: The Electrosound "Melted Elements" Compilation
Moscow's Electrosound label has gathered seven drone or dark ambient compositions together. They are designed to evoke a sense of unease; slowly it becomes clear where such worries originate.
Domestic Ideals: Ellipse, Dave Pad, Mishqa, Days of Funk, and Toxez
Two of Moscow's most important dance labels - Highway and Electronica - present new material that underscores the role of regional and even national pride. Signs of optimism are increasing.
New Congregations: Oligarkh, Diamos Roll, and Mad-Hop (Vol. Seven)
A collection of December recordings from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine ponder various alternatives to social reality. Hopeful glances are cast out to sea, into the sky, and through the doors of a church.
Surreal Domains: Smoke Moth, Doe's Mess, Itchy Sky, and Heyoka
Several new electronic recordings paint an increasingly dark picture of social realia. The most persuasive response to civic failings and their dubious logic appears to be "transcendental surrealism."

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