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Happy55: "A Magic Word" (Voronezh, FFM25)
Happy55 are a jazz trio from the southern industrial city of Voronezh. Against that backdrop, and the weight of ailing history, these gifted performers find much value in improvisation and spontaneity.
Commedia dell'Arte: Yoki, Olga Arefieva, Surfer Rosa, and Fontan
Two of these ensembles borrow from a folk heritage; the other two have their roots in recent rock music. The former pair manages to foster a sense of optimism; the latter falls to growing fatalism.
A Twilight Tunefulness: Plee, Flourish Fill, Starcardigan, and Lowkarma
Worries over time's swift passage inform a number of new electronic releases from four Russian locations. As it transpires that such fears are inherently material, a freedom is sought from physical experience.
In Search of a Musical Princess: 7B, Zilpert, Nice Cliques, and TGDM
Several days ago, we looked at the theme of endurance in Slavic rock music. That same topic leads to a certain attitude towards the passage of time; we offer four examples, all the way from Moscow to а southern village
In Praise of Natural Disasters: Overwave, Enko, Oshi Kito, and Miro
Four new electronic releases this week from Russia and Ukraine look at the role of mistakes in the creation of a less contrived, more "natural" art form. Silence and spontaneity play an important role
Abracadabra Recordings: The Romance of Making Mistakes
Abracadabra Recordings are based in the city of Voronezh, where the project nurtures a number of young talents. Most of them struggle with the "benefits" of isolated, often lonely creative work
Anna Leibach: From Berlin to Venice via Voronezh
The amount of available information surrounding this release is, quite possibly, less than for any other recording on this site.  At present we are approaching 500 uploaded articles, yet rarely do we get so little context: no interviews, no reviews, no enthusiastic bloggers... there's even a to...
Happy55: Jazz Lessons for a Bottle of Vodka
Happy55 are a jazz duo from the southern industrial city of Voronezh;  they gather critical acclaim as if were lying around on the street.  Take, for example, the following two quotes as a starting point:  "One of the most original musical projects in Russia today";  "These guys from Voronez...
7B: "Seven Years. The Anniversary Album"
7B are a band built around the instantly recognizable vocals of Vania Demi'an (below), who himself is from Voronezh; the band's name, we should quickly note, is an army designation for those mentally unfit to serve. Demi'an's "career" began with early efforts to pen a few songs or give a few con...

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