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Time's Audible Passage: Mayak, D the Producer, Nevidimki, and Boketto
The passage of time leads several new electronic recordings to wax lyrical about prior decades. Of particular interest are the 1980s, when a whole generation felt itself part of a fading social fabric.
A Lasting Catharsis: Borealis' "Voidness Remixed" from Origami Sound
The Origami Sound label has published new remixes of Borealis' "Voidness"LP. That Canadian artist hopes his work brings a sense of "lasting catharsis." Does it occur among Russian contributors?
Four Attitudes to a Boundless Landscape: Fill, Yoja, Moa Pillar, and Sun_CK
The four projects discussed here are scattered across Russia - from Siberia to the Black Sea. Considered en masse, they cast an interesting light upon ambient sound in a "boundless" country

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