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Learning a Lesson from Mother Nature: Digital Kaos and Jet Peks
New recordings from Moscow and Uzhgorod (Ukraine) take a long look at the classic workings of drum and bass. Oddly enough, that same style then prompts some musings on social processes beyond the dancefloor
An Intuitive Love of Emptiness: Netslov, Nick Tremo, and Koan
Three recent ambient, dub, and chill-out releases have all addressed the theme of emptiness. They reflect both the metaphysical appeal of boundlessness and the paradoxes of online publishing - for nobody at all
Nick Tremo: Samples, Loops, and the Slow Cycles of History
Nick Tremo is the stage name of a fundamentally anonymous musician/DJ from the ancient Ukrainian town of Uzhgorod. He has been responsible for a couple of releases this year, both offered through the net label/aggregator Qulture. More specifically, in mid March a one-hour, fifteen track instrument...
Jet Peks: A Modern Breakbeat Philosophy from Ancient Ukraine
The music in this post, for all its modern wizardry, comes from one of the oldest towns known to Slavic culture: Uzhgorod in Western Ukraine, near the border with both Slovakia and Hungary. Uzhgorod dates at least to the ninth century, when the creation of a castle allowed safe and settled growth...

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