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Sleepiness and Small Families: Kammerton, Dza, Feyorz, and T'chimu
Four releases this weekend, emerging from various cities around Russia, offer multiple ways to counter dull or disappointing actuality. They include sleep, recreational drugs, fatherhood, and a stubborn optimism.
Ardor: Nerpa, Iceberg Theory, Twinmachine, Rivoli, and Bye Dead Horse
Five bands from a range of industrial cities around Russia discuss the tension between two forces: desire and likelihood. A snapshot of these musicians and their plans gives a telling insight into modern hope.
Spacey: ABC Galaxy, Monsoon Sexy Season, Volta Cab, and That Should Help
Chillout and downtempo electro-pop recordings from around Russia this week all celebrate the benefits of deceleration. They also stress the considerable effort needed in order to find peace and quiet.
Minimalism and Looming Silence: Phil Gerus, Deepad, and Eric Delay
Some exponents of minimal or micro-sound in Moscow, Ulyanovsk, and Kiev express related views on the matter of silence. They all, to some degree, ponder their creative work on a backdrop of nothingness.
The House that Patience Built: iMotion, Volta Cab, and All That Pitched Down
Three well-respected exponents of house music from Russia and Ukraine explain the difficulties of overcoming the hustle and bustle of daily life - in order to entertain an equally busy dancefloor
From the Banks of the Volga to Moscow's Dancefloors: Kammerton
DJ Kammerton (aka Stepan Chernov) is from the distant city of Ulyanovsk; his biographical materials mention this fact with pride. His career, though, begins with some determined steps towards Moscow
The Logic of Chaos: Light Music, Heavy Tools
One of the oddest - and yet most gratifying experiences - in a running a site like this comes in moments when we stumble across unique talents, only to discover that they have no fans.  Suddenly the need to stand up and champion an overlooked ensemble is obvious.  We, as a result, gain pleasur...
Abstracode: "Cocaine Ways"
Abstracode are from Ulyanovsk (above) and have just released a new downbeat/leisurely drum & bass collection with the jolly title of "Cocaine Ways." These fifteen lo-fi instrumentals have been composed under the admitted influence of Portishead, Massive Attack, and Boards of Canada, though t...

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