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Quiet Introspection versus Outer Space: Noraus, Feizah, AIST, and Gxitt
New instrumental or hypnagogic recordings from Naberezhnye Chelny, Ulan-Ude, Moscow, and Dnipropetrovsk are all dedicated to silence. Dreamers need peace and quiet.
Transience: Alpha-Beta, Kulakostas, Mr. KiD, and Mysterious Granddead
As autumn fades into winter, the theme of transience appears in a number of recordings. Both the changing seasons and self-irony are celebrated as a reliable defense against excessive arrogance.
Hard Work and Hedonism: Thallus, Funkyjaws, Kusto, and Etapp Kyle
From Ulan-Ude to the hills of Bavaria, four Slavic musicians display new recordings, made both at home and abroad. They are all framed by discussions of the material sacrifice needed to support abstract values.
The Endless Allure of Faraway Places: Dza, Sumeo, and BitterTV
From various ends of Russia, three musicians produce new recordings that are all tied, in some way, to issues of distance. Broken beats and hip-hop instrumentals morph into psychedelic chill-hop as the composers' gaze stretches further...
Audiodump: The "Sleep EP"
Konstantin Anosov from Ulan-Ude (near Lake Baikal) has blessed us with another example of understated, intelligent craftsmanship.  His new EP - "Sleep" - can be downloaded through the net label Electronica.  Additional support was offered by web-based projects 44100.com, fmgu.ru, newmotion.ru...
Okcug: Distance as an Expression of Innovation
Last month we offered an overview of young Siberian techno-dub musicians, in particular those working with the Electronica label.  Yesterday one of them released a solo mini-album entitled “Spring.“  It can be downloaded for free from several locations. [audio:okcug1.mp3] Its author, Mis...
Siberian Pseudonyms: "Electronica 1.0"
Electronica 1.0 is a wonderful introduction, published last week, to a large number of electronic artists working in and around Eastern Siberia.  In essence the compilation, which can be downloaded here, is used to showcase Russian musicians responsible for the previous twelve net-albums releas...
Audiodump: "Love"
Today's newspapers reported that Russian scientists had - for the first time - briefly reached the bottom of the world's biggest, deepest body of fresh water: Lake Baikal in Siberia.  Using a specially designed submarine, they bumped against solid ground at a depth of 1,580 meters.  This achie...
Audiodump: "Forms"
The wonderfully-named Audiodump are/is from the shores of Lake Baikal. This rather abstract and vague information can be demystified with a few quick facts. The individual behind the "Forms" EP is Konstantin Anosov (below), born in 1989 and raised on his father's Led Zeppelin records. Gradually...

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