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Vmgnovenijah: "Smoke" and a Stubborn Independence
Vmgnovenijah are a trio: Sasha Stroganov (guitar/vocals), Svyatoslav Vershinin (drums/percussion), and Pavel Klushnik (bass). Their ornate, almost unpronounceable stage-name is actually a deliberately odd combination of two words in Russian, which - when placed equally close in English - might read "Inmoments."
Aspirations: Wild Pigs, The Seventh Floor, Silhouette, and Grand Astoria
The noisy garage rock of two young Russian bands is, unexpectedly, a reaction their anxieties. Some grand alternatives to despair - fantasy and boundless optimism - also run into various problems.
Energy Levels: Еlectroforez, The Bezzoommies, Wham Bam, and Kobyla
Two new recordings from St. Petersburg and Moscow reconsider Russian culture of the 1980s, plus a resulting fatalism. Two other releases take a different approach: they use noisy zeal in order to shun the weight of history.
Building New Houses: IZ-O, Chanson-E, Undefault, and Spieltape
Working upon an early love of house recordings, some musicians from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, and Arkhangelsk now aim to progress. They do so with metaphors of violence - and the sound of silence.
Mixing Melodies: Wunderblock, OffBeatKiD, Monomo, and PLEE!
New instrumental releases linked to Moscow, Penza, Kimry, and Kiev all view themselves through the prism of cinema. The reference points involved become less romantic over time. Comfort turns into anxiety.
A Prayer for Something Better: Mirror Face, Barman's Fault, and Vmgnovenijah
Mirror Face, Barman's Fault, and Vmgnovenijah turn to the noise-pop or early emo traditions of the UK. They do so in order to use volume and distortions as escapism; tumult hopes to block out the status quo
Two Kinds of Quiet, Unfocused Immersion: Plotka and Waveform
Plotka and Waveform have released a couple of deep techno EPs this month. Despite their lack of textual framing, the recordings have a related worldview, one built visually and sonically
Mezzamo: A Musical Alternative to Unemployment and Car Crashes
This is the second time we've looked at the work of Mezzamo, a fivesome from the ancient city of Tver', located north of Moscow. The weight of tradition is tangible here; written records of Tver' date back to 1135. Until the 14th century, it seemed as if the town might even rise to become the ce...
Miami Scissors: Exiting a State of Limbo with a Dictionary and an Atlas
The Miami Scissors have popped up on our radar once before; in February this year they were included on an excellent compilation dedicated to all manner of Russian outfits that are happy to admit the influence of British music upon their chosen sound. In recent interviews, this particular ensemb...
Mezzamo: Music from Vacuum Cleaners and Flightless Birds
Mezzamo are an intriguing ensemble from the medieval city of Tver', who have recently embarked on a flurry of new activity. When we turned to them not long ago for some audio files, their home page was temporarily down and out, but has now reappeared with a selection of songs to download for fre...
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