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Time to Listen: Information Ghetto, Lay-Far, Low Orbit Satellite & Tikriaeht
Four dance floor publications from Moscow, Krasnodar, Tula and––eventually––Syktyvkar are dedicated to difference. They consider the risks inherent in novelty.
A Series of Minor Miracles: Stoned Boys, Cola Koala, L.O.S., and Ext
New dancefloor publications from Russia and Ukraine this week touch upon the theme of hard work. It seems that elbow grease guarantees little; even the most diligent souls need an occasional miracle.
Concentrated Sentiment: Scale, Feyorz, Kott, and Mars Needs Lovers
Over the course of several electronic recordings from Perm, Krasnodar, Tula, and St. Petersburg, a fondness emerges for the lo-fi technology of the 1990s. Bad machinery recalls happy times.
Track and Field: The "Team Olympique" of Ritmo Sportivo and Big Echo
Two important organizations in Russian digital music have joined forces this week: the Ritmo Sportivo label and Siberia's Big Echo webzine. The result of their collaboration is a twelve-track compilation: "Team Olympique."
The Ongoing Search for Community: Dapdown, AY, Ambidextr, and U:mi
The issues of friendship, fraternity, and civic promise inform a series of new hip-hop instrumentals. These recordings, produced at opposite ends of Russia, wonder whether tough material existence leaves any room for amity.
Understatement: Feyorz, Treize, Thy Birds, ForeverLive, and Fantom Sea
Some recent instrumental recordings have invested much energy in a certain form of modesty. By toying with irony and even anonymity, four introspective performers magnify the object of their attention.
Antique/Astral: The FFM Double Album and Thirty New Beatmakers
Yesterday saw the release of our double album, "Antique/Astral," dedicated to the work of thirty young beatmakers. Here we offer a little context to their careers and current efforts.
Sense and Sensuality: Feyorz, Dzhazovyi, Vxlam, and Some Outronauts
Several instrumental and abstract hip-hop releases from both Russia and Kazakhstan consider various aspects of emotional promise. Surrounded by adult disappointment and material goals, these musicians ponder various (distant) alternatives instead.

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