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Either Faith or Good Works: Ales Tsurko, AY, Equinox Flower, and Chitoon
New electronic and electroacoustic recordings from Russia and Belarus speak in doubting terms about the near future. Should one turn to faith––or good deeds?
Sobering Answers: On-the-Go, Lemonday, Sonic Death, and Palms on Fire
Four rock bands consider their professional success––and the sacrifice it demands. Various alternatives are pondered to linear notions of progress.
Moving to Titan: Ink Twins, S3P, Empty Field, and The Alex Kelman Band
One of the most enduring reference points for Russian musicians over the last two decades has been outer space. The approaching New Year does little to encourage hope - and so distant planets still appeal.
Dadaisme: "Dasein Mosaic" (Togliatti and Moscow, FFM31)
Our new recording from Dadaisme sports a weighty philosophical concept. Entitled "Dasein Mosaic," it is inspired by Heidegger's notion of "Dasein." Put simply, "Mosaic" is directly informed by a view of existence or being that's split between two states: selfhood and society.
Between Here and There: Htrspltn, Tilde, John Example, and Talnik
New electronic recordings from a range of outlying Russian cities draw parallels between their location and local history. A sense of distance transpires, both from cultural centers and the passage of time.
A Conscious Loneliness: Heima, Slow Suicide, Arm Author, and (((O)))
A number of electronic projects around Russia announce their demise this week. They attribute that vanishing act to the laws of nature or "entropy," even, in ways that slowly inform an entire worldview.
Friends and Family: IWKC, On-the-Go, Weary Eyes, and Kometjakten
Four rock ensembles discuss their new work in terms of mutual support and family faith. The larger or more daunting one's home nation, the more important those tiny, trusting expressions of empathy can be.
Audible Verities: Omut, Mobius Strip, 2muchachos, and Ummagma
These four ensembles ponder various ways of expressing the search for - and discovery of - truth. We find metaphorical forests, very deep rivers, the Siberian steppe, and other disorienting locations.
Difference and Distance: On-the-Go, Blackpaperplanes, Poupée F, and Karakul
These four bands all strive beyond the limits of a domestic setting - linguistically, stylistically, and through the practice of remixing. In all cases, difference and a distance from home are closely related.
From the Volga's Banks to Moscow: RBE, NVG, Tapeaters, and Bajinda
These performers come from two locations: Moscow and the banks of the Volga. They're connected not so much by parallel or local scenes as by the sense of landscape. A single - enormous - country links isolated efforts.
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