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Some of the Smallest Waves: The "Terminal Dream" Compilation, 2016
A new label in Moscow––Terminal Dream––is dedicated to local ambient artists. Brought together, they reveal some common ideas about sound, space, and purpose.
Wistful Enigmas: Days of Funk, Gillepsy, El Ched, and Sunday Morning
A number of Russian electronic releases this week are all tied to thoughts of distant times and places. Those same dreams remain deliberately vague, since actuality is unpleasingly obvious.
Some Bittersweet Pleasures of Provincialism: The Berezoviy Srub LP
Moscow's "Beryoza" community has published a second compilation reconsidering some Russian pop-songs of the 1990s. From provincial quarters comes a genuinely national worldview.
Distant Echoes: Crispo, Unbroken Dub, Bluestorm, and Cream Sound
A couple of well-respected Russian netlabels have new, atmospheric releases to report: Moscow's Electronica and St. Petersburg's Festival Lounge. In both cases, the importance of distance is evident - and audible.
From Siberia to Siam: Mindex, Squarking Jazz, ED7, and Dancaless
Time Resonance is a Moscow-based label, specializing in downtempo and chillout recordings. The raison d'être of these instrumentals is locally specific, taking us from Siberia to the Gulf of Thailand.
A Siberian View of Absence: New Recordings from Fish Brain and Tsunadem
Several of the musicians who attended Moscow's recent Red Bull Bass Camp are from towns in Siberia. Given that common bond, it's interesting to see how they interpret the role of distance - or total absence, even
High Volume, Low Civic Faith: Clever Clover, One Gin Please, and Top Display
The Who and Led Zeppelin continue to be significant influences on some young bands across Russia. What's remarkable, however, is the level of irony that our Slavic artists take from the same loud sources
LollyPop: Lo-Fi Obscenity and High Realism from Southern Siberia
When grumpy individuals in Russia bemoan the lowly standards of songwriting today, their primary target is often a combination of money and morality. Put simply: two decades of profiteering since 1991 have encouraged a shameful avoidance of ethical norms. Cash has ruined a noble tradition. What ex...

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