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We Hid in Dark Places: OBGON, Cassiopeia, Miyuki, and Gidropony
Across the varied contexts of cyberpunk narratives, trash TV, driving Moscow techno, and religious satire runs a common theme. The value of humility.
Transgression: WLVS, Bears Garden, Looch, and All Tomorrow's Parties
Four bands from Tashkent, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, and Samara ponder the meaning of subversion. What defines a "rebellious" spirit and should it be directed against social failings?
Evolution: Bad Samurais, All Tomorrow's Parties, A Model Kit, and Nikomu
The problems of an ailing music industry are considered by several young projects. The solution to a depressing social realm comes in treating music as a tool of self-improvement.
Sevara Nazarkhan: A Skilled and Complex Impression of Ease
This month has seen the release of a new album by Sevara Nazarkhan, whom Moscow's OpenSpace magazine recently called "the most internationally famous 30 year-old woman born in the Soviet Union." This new CD, published as the work of Sevara and El'f (an "alter-ego" of the singer), is titled Tak Leg...
Knara: How to Promote a CD In Ways That Nobody Notices
Knara is a 28-year old R&B singer, originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, but currently based in Moscow. We mentioned her a few months ago in the context of a compilation album from Monolit Records, but now the singer has released her second full-fledged solo CD. Entitled "In Your Arms" (V tv...

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