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Reflection: Sohight & Cheevy, Lowkarma, Malish Kamu, and Zh. Kukoverov
Four very different recordings - spun from a lo-fi lyricism, '80s synth-pop and abstract beats - all look askance at the future. Various kinds of reflection and retrospection seem increasingly appealing.
Contra Tempus: Floans BitFlip, Malish Kamu, Eva V, and F3NRIRS
The passage of time leaves its mark on the work of many performers, especially during the transition from youth to adulthood. These recordings try to hold keep those changes at bay.
Texts and Audible Contexts: Dakanto, DelMaind, hagu2, and 1618
New electronic works from Taganrog, Togliatti, Izhevsk, and Dmitrov shy away from both lyrics and wordy PR. For all that avoidance of specificity, however, tempting linkages endure between these sounds and their location.
Katia First: Life after Uplifto
Today the "debut" album by Katia First was released.  It comes after the singer - known offstage as Katia Medvedeva - left her role at Uplifto Records, where she sang for six years in the guise of Katia Chekhova. Although having risen to the status of what was sometimes called The Queen of Elec...
Katia Chekhova: "I Love You"
Today sees the release of a new single by Katia Chekhova entitled "I Love You" (Ia tebia liubliu). Here we offer the radio edit, but given that it comes to us courtesy of Uplifto Records, a slew of remixes will not be far away. [audio:I Love You.mp3] In fact her most recent album, together w...
Katia Chekhova: "Zhizn'" (Life)
Katia Chekhova "Zhizn'" (Life). An interesting project from Uplifto Records. Each time a record by Katia Chekhova is released, another woman steps up to the microphone. The name remains the same, but the person behind it changes. (The music in this version comes courtesy of a new remix by Vortex Inv...

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