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Private Hopes: Volor Flex, Lone Electrone, and Lagunamuch Records
A new garage and idm compilation from Moscow reemploys some motifs from classic science fiction. Both the music and its literary inspiration juxtapose private dreams and public reality.
The Spirit of Holden Caulfield: Nienvox, SoulSonic, Orbitix, and Pheoru
Stretching from rural Ukraine to arctic Russia, four electronic projects consider the appeal of natural "harmony." Slavic geography, however, can turn solitude into daunting isolation very easily.
Look at Me: Cola Koala, Rosemary Loves a Blackberry, and Roundelay
Moscow's "Look at Me" magazine has concluded its nationwide search for "Ten Young Musicians." Each has been paired with a Western producer - and that collaborative work has been met with much gratitude.
Signal Fire and The Toobes: Big Sound, High Energy, Open Arms
Over the last few days, a couple of bands from distant locations have enjoyed attention from the Russian press - for similar reasons. The online magazine Indievid chose to shine a light upon Signal Fire from Syktyvkar (above) and The Toobes from Minsk. The former can be considered a "distant" p...
The Kite Runners and On-the-Go: The Importance of Dedication
The Kite Runners are surely named either in honor of the 2003 novel by Khaled Hosseini or - more likely - the subsequent film.  As a celebration of commitment and fidelity to both friends and family from afar, that story must have inspired these four young musicians in similar ways. They are fr...

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