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Blissfully Far: Anivia, Sergey Silvertone, Spieltape, and Sergey Paradox
As new tech- and progressive house sounds emerge from Central Siberia, audiences wonder if that distance is a major obstacle to any fledgling career. Oddly enough, the opposite seems true.
Immateriality: Harry Light, Askaira Indishle, Kraptek, and Inverted Anima
Three of these recordings come from far-flung corners of the Russian landscape. That sense of isolation leads to a certain immaterialism. Only if we turn to Moscow does distance or "provinciality" fade away.
Stargazing Optimists: Mr. KiD, Locky-Stocky, Mr. Gnomi, and Akute
Various releases this week use downtempo genres in order to express the slow, deliberate construction of an optimistic worldview. Reasons for hope and happiness are sometimes sought very far from home.
Wonderkid: Playing Around with Fire, Drugs, and Dictionaries
Wonderkid are a young band from Surgut in Siberia.  The city has a rich history, being more than 400 years old, but the last 40 years in particular have seen the biggest changes. At this time Surgut began developing as a major center for the oil industry.  Since the end of the Soviet Union, th...
Lena Terleeva: "Luibi menia" (Love Me)
A brand-new video from Siberian diva Lena Terleeva for the song "Liubi menia." It was shot in Kiev by the young and gifted "clip-maker" Alan Badoev (below), who despite being a Ukrainian citizen was actually born in the town of Beslan that experienced so much tragedy in 2004. Badoev shot the ch...

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