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Cossack Magicians vs. Modern Concrete: Zavoloka, Enko, and V4W.Enko
Three Ukrainian recordings from Kiev and Sumy consider the limits of local architecture and other structures. Escape, it seems, is conceivable through domestic tradition - and timeless intuition
Lazzich and Enko: New Recordings from beyond the Factory Floor
Two new recordings of interest have appeared from various ends of the Russian-speaking world: one comes from an outlying corner of the Moscow region - Elektrostal' - and the other from Sumy in northern Ukraine. Both authors of these net-releases have been the subject of our attention before, so...
Little Nastya, Enko, and AAGSF: New Work
Over the last week or so, new releases have come to us from several young electronic musicians whom we've championed at least once before. The three figures in question are Little Nastya (aka Stas Uvarovskii), Enko (aka "Artem" [above]), and Moscow drone exponents, AAGSF. What has become especia...
Enko: Ukrainian Electronica from Dead-End Streets
The new EP from Enko comes to us from Bypass Records, a fascinating netlabel based in Beijing. They have been responsible for a number of recordings made not only in Russia, but Ukraine, Moldova, and Latvia. This bold sense of sonic adventure, unlimited by language or political geography, has be...

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