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Alternative Lifelines: Yayati, AWOTT, Albino Deers, and IC3PEAK
All the way from Rome to Moscow and Sochi, four new electronic recordings look askance at social convention. Some respite from tedium is found in a number of absurdist or even "terrorist" tactics
Sochi's SWMC versus the Winter Olympic Games: "High Tide Vol. Three"
When the Sochi Winter Music Conference clashed with the Winter Olympics, scheduling problems arose. The worldview of a house label associated with the SWMC is proposing a solution.
Aspirations: Glittering Puzzle, Likhnitsky, Nikki Noek, and Pleasure Garden
As the Sochi Winter Music Conference prepares to advertise itself for 2014, a tone of fiscal confidence informs the PR materials. That same hope and optimism is infectious among participants.
The Allure of Quality Sound, Goosebumps, and a Smile: SWMC 2013
The Sochi Winter Music Conference has just concluded on the shores of the Black Sea. It's clear that the SWMC's happy and trusting environment has some direct consequences for national business.
Solitude: A.B.S.T.R.A, Yevgeny Shukin, Long Arm, SPDSC, and Vagina Vangi
We look at the remaining attendees of Sochi's Red Bull "Bass Camp." Although these young men operate within the very public domain of sonic performance art, the role of introspection and imagination is uppermost.
Deep Play and Timely Aiah: Distortion between Heaven and Earth
Deep Play and Timely Aiah are from opposite ends of Russia: Sochi and St Petersburg. The former ponders some dilemmas of physical existence, the latter of spirituality. Both are full of distortion and disjuncture
The Sochi Winter Music Conference 2010: Dizzy with Success
The southern coastal resort of Sochi, supposedly a place of rest and repose, has been associated with different activities of late. First and foremost, it was recently awarded the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics; that, in turn, has led to much political and financial wrangling over access...
Retrying and Remixing: New EPs from CMOS Killers and Darwin & Prix
Late last year we took a look at the drum & bass outfit CMOS Killers from the southern beach resort of Sochi, shown above on a cloudy day. At the same time we noted a couple of things in their discography. Firstly, it was clear that the economic situation in the area was less than jolly (thi...
CMOS Killers: Drum, Bass, and Fragile Empowerment
It would be reasonable to say that Sochi is Russia's most famous summer resort.  Made popular by Stalin and his own holiday preferences, the town was recently given a major boost when it won the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2014.  This victory came hand in hand with then-President Puti...
"Five Stars" Comes to an End... But Who's the Winner?
The Five Stars festival has just concluded in the southern resort of Sochi and announced its winners.  The problem, however, is that nobody's entirely sure who they are.  Five Stars was designed to showcase the talents of eleven countries on Russia's periphery - plus the big home nation - all...
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