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Slavic Noir: Serdceder, Fanny Kaplan, Parc Hotel, and Stone Submarines
Four new rock publications from Russian cities consider the likelihood of subversive song-writing in a culture where the weight of history seems great. Thoughts of sedition morph into acceptance.
Ancient Adventures: Silence Kit, Astra, Voditel dlya Vera, and Mineguide
Mineguide come from the ancient town of Smolensk. Peace, quiet, and ancient history all help the band plot their future career. That same need for a pre-urban expanse appears with other post-rock outfits.
Deviants, Magicians, and Noise-Makers: The VK Lobit Compilation
VK Lobit is an online community, dedicated to the promotion and publication of muffled recordings made at very low bitrates. The reasons for that studied, small scale in many cities gradually become clear.
Astral Weeks and Wishes: T.Bird, Big Sur, Mareo, and Mineguide
New recordings from Smolensk, Moscow, and Khabarovsk all make impressive use of metaphorical distances. Turning to space rock, dreams of Northern California, or Russia's endless landscape, they all gaze skyward...
Ethereal Fantasies: Flourish Fill, Sobrio, Quali, and Tchornavidma
Offered to an online audience, some complex idm recordings from Smolensk produce reactions both positive and negative. Listeners need the consolation of conservatism - and yet romantic loners still laud obscurity.
Diu Pii, Nasienie, and Love Cult: Searches for "Real Psychofolk & Drone"
Three new ambient and drone recordings have been published this week that, although unrelated and from very different towns, cast common light upon a fascinating problem. Since ambient music by its very nature can last - hypothetically - forever(!), what is the relationship between length and me...
Red Tunnel, PageAttack, and Ijo: The Music of Baltic Mists
Two new Russian ambient EPs of interest have recently appeared from Smolensk and Moscow, showcasing the work of musicians who moved to these noisy locations from elsewhere: Red Tunnel and PageAttack. The first of the projects, Red Tunnel, was actually founded last year in Vancouver by a rather m...
Hard Rock Sofa: Iconoclasts and Anarchists in Russian Gardens
Hard Rock Sofa are a three-man DJ-ing outfit from the town of Smolensk, close to the Russia/Belarus border. This far-western location, shown below, meant in the past that Smolensk suffered more than its fair share of military conflict: both Napoleon and Hitler decided that trashing the town en r...
Swanky Tunes: Bricklaying as a Worldview
Swanky Tunes, a well-known DJ-ing outfit from Smolensk have now released their new CD, "All About Us."  This comes at a time when they're laying claim to the title of "Russia's Best Live Electro Project."  Barely have we had time to process that accolade when we're told they're also "Russia's...
Swanky Tunes: "Get Up and Shout!"
Swanky Tunes were covered by this site in an early, fleeting entry.  It's time to add something a little more substantial, especially following the release of their newest work, "Get Up and Shout." [audio:Get Up and Shout.mp3] The phrase "release" actually gives us immediate cause to pause...
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