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Open Your Eyes: Alexander Zaitsev, Ninja Glam, Dessin Bizarre & Jean Piere
Alexander Zaitsev's new instrumental recording refers to modern spirituality as a faint, flickering light in a tunnel. Some other Russian electronic releases this week concur.
Four Voices: Cooper Phillip, Alpha-Beta, Race to Space, and Ameli na Meli
Four women from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and Saratov offer new narratives on the ongoing struggle for self-determination. Those tales of increasing dignity stretch all the way to Los Angeles.
Tradition: Volta Cab, Gregory Esayan, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Dallonte
Four house releases from Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova combine the traditions of Chicago and Detroit with Soviet history - in order to fashion an alternative to local, industrial reality.
Epic Sentiments: Xuman, Saint Vitus Dance, Wham Bam, and DOK
Beginning with some references to a Sicilian martyr, these four Russian and Ukrainian bands search for an emotional alternative to tedium. As actuality grows duller, an "epic" option is required.
Changes: Carina Cooper, Nikadimus Experience, and A. Bashlachev
Three inherently acoustic traditions are subjected to a process of change. The more those variations come to light, the more they aid self-expression. The broader one's vista, the more subjectivity benefits.
A Growing Uneasiness: Lhasslo, Dubdelight, Reixtra, and B.C. Bird
We look at four young bass and downtempo artists, who collaborated one year ago on a Moscow-based project. Once that support system ends, however, solo work brings all manner of challenges.
A Walk through Trees and Time: Gosha Ashog and LeOnid_US
Gosha Ashog and LeOnid_US are from Saratov and Novosibirsk. Against the sweeping backdrops of the Volga and Siberian forests, both men have developed a related view of time's wandering passage
Playing Games with History: Locky-Stocky and Helmut & the Call
Locky-Stocky and Helmut & the Call are stylistically different projects, playing abstract hip-hop and lo-fi indie pop. Nonetheless, what connects them is a similar outlook on life's inevitabilities - and the value of surprise
Thalamus III: Deafening Noise from Saratov to St Petersburg
"Thalamus III" is a new compilation of Russian industrial and noise/drone performances, captured at St Petersburg's Red Club over the first two days of December, 2005. It remains a mystery why more than four years were needed to bring the material to light, but the wait was certainly worthwhile....

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