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A Refusal to Choose: Cadeu, Sal Solaris, Alexey Volkov, and Apex Sphere
New techno from Belarusian and Russian towns describes itself in neo-Marxist terms, as a repetitive or quantitative choice leading to qualitative change
Thresholds: Sal Solaris, Bisamratta/M. Sultan, Crane's Dreams, Borisov & Salnikov
The new LP from Sal Solaris is dedicated to transgression, both in sound and society. Other electronic releases from various Russian cities ponder similar themes.
Flux: Jelena Glazova, Astma, Kompakt–Katya, Blear Moon, and Sal Solaris
Improvisation plays a key role in a range of new electronic publications. All of them invite listeners to look beyond convention––and therefore far beyond nameable experiential states.
Brinstaar: "Shanticore Middlerings" (Rostov-na-Donu/Moscow, FFM33)
Moscow's Brinstaar stands behind a new publishing venture, Kota Records. Over the course of several recent interviews, he establishes an elegant worldview with which to counter the mainstream.
Selekhov (Rostov-na-Donu, FFM12): The Eponymous Album
From Rostov-na-Donu comes psychedelic noise-rock that looks back with fondness to the earliest days of the Space Race. Heavy industry suddenly started to throw off the shackles of gravity.
A Promising Emptiness: Mooncake, Motorama, Pill for Doll, and IWFYLS
These Russian collectives all invoke the theme of emptiness in their newest recordings. Beyond the limits of dull actuality lie other towns, countries, and even planets. They are all frustratingly absent.
Wise and Wary: Mad-Hop 13, Sal Solaris, Mars Needs Lovers, and Snap
In a musical environment that is either frustrating or constantly changing, any claims to permanence will ring hollow. Four new releases speak in support of humility. Just in case...
Labyrinths and Liberty: The BPB, Madlene, Mokh, and Fish Out of Water
One rock band in Moscow complains of limitations - both physical and financial. Other ensembles, however, turn the problems caused by urban space into a chance for liberty. They drive far away, into the Russian steppe...
Ease and Simplicity: Woodville, SoulSonic, Beatcase, and Cams
Some young beatmakers and dub-techno artists present new work from Moscow, Rostov-na-Donu, and Mazeikiai (Lithuania). All four of them balance dreams of loud self-assurance with quieter, wiser forms of acquiescence.
Love Stories from the Third Planet: Dafu, Foner, mydf, and Storby
Hip-hop, glitch, and glo-fi inspired instrumentals from a number of Russian cities take a second look at their romantic raison d'être. For all the sentiment and even passion on display, a certain wariness persists...
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