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Faith and Fortune: Gayana, Internet Sushi, Beatowski, Taran and Lomov
Faith is an integral part of Moscow's Gayana project, whose members are both grateful and committed to God. Other beliefs, however, transpire in releases from Ukrainian and Latvian musicians this week.
Faith and Fish: InWhite, Night Dew Call, Gefradah, and Teoria Veroyatnostei
As Moscow's InWhite produce a debut album, their reliance upon supportive crowdfunding is evident. A related degree of civic faith, however, is sometimes less manifest in the work of other artists.
Songs of Persephone: Joys, Innoe, Serdceder, and Acloneofmyown
One of the bands under discussion here draws upon the symbolism of Persephone. That same imagery of simultaneous darkness and light, both death and rejuvenation, can be applied to the hard, risky work of other outfits.

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