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Moa Pillar's "Hymns." A Wildfire of Absolutely Nothing
Minimalism is related both to constraint and wariness. Insight comes from excess – from too much and its obligatory failure(s), in service of the new.
Convergence: Two New Compilation LPs from Electronica & Full of Nothing
Two of Russia's most significant independent labels––Electronica and Full of Nothing––have begun the New Year with simultaneous compilation albums.
Random Magic: The "She Knows More Than She Thinks" Compilation
The Los Angeles label Not Not Fun has just published a compilation of six female electronic artists. Resident in both Russia and Ukraine, they offer a peaceful, creative alternative to recent events.
Ideals from Nowhere: Suokas, Tram Drivers, Tsunadem, and Wick Blaze
The importance of silence and solitude appears in four new publications. They emerge across considerable distances, all the way from some lightless forests in Karelia to the quieter, cobbled streets of Ukraine.
Nonlinear Forms of Production: Rhizome, Yuka, Love Cult, and Dza
The Petrozavodsk duo Love Cult have just announced they'll be writing one track each day - for an entire year. Other new projects, such as Moscow's Rhizome, express similar forms of private industry.
Downwards to Bliss: Naadya, Clathrus, Traura, Love Cult, and Inchange
A new compilation of dour electronica appears from the Full of Nothing label near Petrozavodsk. Amid all the stereotypical assumptions of northern misery, an optimistic worldview takes shape.
From Karelia to Concrete: Aleph, Love Cult, Koett, and Kush Berry
The dark, dense forests of Karelia lead the Petrozavodsk duo Love Cult to conjure an entire universe of alternative dimensions. This tendency to prejudice dreams over urban actuality is found elsewhere.
The Music of Eternal, Frosty Fields: Kött, Crossparty, Onego, and Monokle
Three publications from St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, and Krasnodar all display romantic faith in northern nature or the cosmos, even - as an alternative to modernity. From Vladivostok come some much darker sounds.
From Northern Forests: Alex Tiuniaev, Wind in Willows, and Crane's Dreams
The understated, ambient sounds on display from these young composers are tied - overtly - to the romance of a northern landscape. Upon closer investigation, though, spirituality and science fiction come to the fore.
Away from the City Lights: Shura Zhuraleva, Tom Stvoler, and Vera Sazhina
Three performers from Petrozavodsk, Tver, and Moscow work with various aspects of modern lyricism. Between desire and an ability for self-expression, however, stands the obstacle of modern, urban existence.
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