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Youthful Potentials: Brinstaar, Kai Engel, Curly Brown, and Lingvisto
Four recordings from three Russian cities show increasing concern about the promise of adulthood. Greater hope emerges from literature, retrospection, and even thoughts of "prenatal" oceanic life.
Boyish Charm and Memories: Bruce, OffBeatKID, and Orange House
Some lyrical publications from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Penza are full this week of boyish memories. All these performers hope to preserve pre-adult enthusiasm and naivety from subsequent disappointment.
Uneasy Listening: Oleg Buyanov, Maguett, Arze Kareem, and Jo Twist
An overview of some instrumental hip-hop and turntablist releases suggests that the notion of "easy listening" remains elusive. A style born in the West of untroubled, downtempo beats seems here a nervous way to slow down and maybe sidestep actuality.
Lacerba, "Hum Tool": First Impressions of Lasting Concerns
Lacerba is/are a dramatically obscure ambient project from the small town of Kuznetsk in the Penza region of Russia, some considerable distance south of Moscow. As we can see from the image below, there are very few signs of urban life once the milometer starts clicking regularly, hour after hou...
Violence on Violins: "Art of Preparation"
Some very pleasant hip-hop instrumentals from the town of Penza, maybe one day's drive south of Moscow.  These tracks appear, however, amid a complete lack of promotional materials.  The four works, devoid of any helpful context, can be downloaded from several locations, including a page on "V...

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