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Somewhere Else: The Just, MOGU, Satellite Dreams, and More Znaet
A lyrical strain runs through some Russian rock releases this week. It begins with wistful dreams of leaving home - and moves with increasing satisfaction to distant planets or a bottomless ocean.
Anywhere But Here: Mana Island, MOGU, Superkid, and OSDIS
For many "provincial" bands, the appeal of some other, vague location is considerable. One step beyond a hope for somewhere else, however, is the allure of nowhere at all...
The Importance of a Vivid Imagination: Long Arm and Pavel Dovgal
Long Arm (Georgii Kotunov) and Pavel Dovgal are musicians of Russian and Ukrainian heritage. Both are collaborating with the German Mooncircle Project in ways that look even further afield - beyond the limits of geography...
Hyperboloid Records: NVG, Damscray, Vikhornov, and Colleagues
Hyperboloid Records is a discerning Moscow label dedicated to some of the best bass-, 8-bit, and "brain-music" practitioners of the present. What, therefore, appears striking is the label's use of prior decades for inspiration.
Thoughts of a Distant Childhood: Bruce, Ritmo, Mind, and JGorsh
From Orenburg, close to the Kazakhstan border, comes a collection of instrumental hip-hop from JGorsh. That spatial distance is then viewed in biographical terms by St Petersburg's Morning Records. Childhood memories are cherished...
Beyond Dubstep and Major Damage: Damscray, Bulbajar, and Art Crime
These compositions from Khabarovsk, Orenburg, and Kiev all reference dubstep - or its cultural consequences. As we see, however, not all the stereotypes associated with bass music travel very well.
Remixes and the Fantasy of Maximalism: Demokracy and Tatu
These two outfits have nothing in common, musically speaking. Nonetheless, their new mixes say a great deal about the relationship between maximalism and somehow making songs "better"
Nervous Sounds in the House of Frankenstein: Damscray and Wols
From the southern city of Krasnodar and the edge of Central Asia come some new compositions that play with aspects of UK dubstep. They do so in response to local social quandaries

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