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Remember Your Name (Помни Имя Свое): "Other People" (Иные)
The phrase "Remember Your Name" (Pomni imya svoe) comes from a rather severe Soviet movie of 1974, set amid the horrors of World War Two, specifically in frontline suffering and in concentration camps.
A Broader Expanse: Aya with Us, Ne Tvoe Delo, ÁGNI & Pomni Imya Svoe
Various recordings this week explore the traditional nature of lyricism in Russian songwriting. History has never made self-realization an easy issue.
Contra: Vėjopatis, Autoisolation, Remember Your Name & Uncapitals Tour
Marxist rhetoric, when addressing social change, likes to codify the passage of quantitative civic changes as qualitative. Four new recordings from Russia and Lithuania adopt the same spirit.
Distortion as Alienation: Jelena Glazova, Xlleb, Higanbana, and Airto
A range of new industrial drone and harsh noise recordings from Riga, Moscow, Orel, and Togliatti are used in order to voice some ineffable aspects of modernity. Most of those truths are very disconcerting.
Plastika: The Perverse Benefits of Being Ripped Off
Plastika are a band from the city of Orel, situated about 200 miles south of Moscow. For an ensemble of more local than national repute, they been both remarkably productive and able to fashion a sound that belies their provincial origins.  Their new recording - "Adult Games" (Igry dlia vzrosly...

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