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Deconstruction: Harmash, Mujuice, 4 Positions of Bruno & Gultskra Artikler
Against the backdrop of East European political and economic challenges, four recordings ponder the appeal of deconstructive gestures––rather than stately pomp.
Natural Patterns: Letkolben, lwpss, Giriu Dvasios, and Andrey Kiritchenko
New electronic recordings from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine - via Berlin - question the liberties of commercial and noncommercial enterprise. The same questions are framed ecologically.
The Ongoing Search for Tranquility: Harmash, Doyeq, Tiiiza, and Thallus
Four electronic recordings from Slavic towns this week express growing appreciation for the philosophical benefits of peace and quiet. Some worries about noisy, avaricious passion also transpire.
Seashores and Sociopaths: Tulo, I/Dex, Cisfinitum, VS, and Korablove
A number of ambient and minimal releases this week focus upon some daunting vistas. From a classically flat and windy Baltic seashore we move to grander considerations of outer space. In between, however, we stumble across the limits of human sanity.
I/Dex: The Promise of Abandoned Places
I/Dex is the pseudonym of Vitaliy Harmash, a remarkable musician from the Belarusian town of Novopolotsk. Relatively small though that location may be, with perhaps 100,000 residents today, it has already provided us with another artist, namely DJ Letkoben, about whom we wrote in June 2009. As w...
Letkolben: "Prozent Extra," Soviet Polution, and Painful Piercing
DJ and musician Letkolben (above, right) is from the small Belarusian city of Novopolotsk, a place of such little interest to the outside world that we had to go digging for some extra context. What emerged what a brief, very amateurish and strange text, seemingly penned by one of the residents....

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