Nizhny Tagil

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Disintegration Loop: Ovrkl, Bisamråtta, Moscillate, Garimastah & Tikhie Kamni
Several new Russian electronic recordings display an increasing gratitude for both solitude and silence. The further one happens to be from clamorous modernity or a capital city, the better.
Erasing Physical Obstacles: Aleph, Moscillate, 2b20, and Mellowmatix
We look at new work from musicians in Riga, Omsk, Nizhny Tagil, and Syktyvkar. For the most part, these artists give predictable voice to the physical challenges of their address. Optimism, however, can be found...
Dancefloor Diligence: Mario & Vidis, Stas Simonov, and Eventual Groove
These four musicians all have telling relationships to the past. They approach the future's opportunity for innovation with one eye upon childhood - or the hometowns thereof. The past - in all cases - shapes a demanding future.

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