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A Sweet, Familiar Melancholy: The Cancel, BMB, Tantsui, and Oligarkh
Objects of desire move further from home in some new house, hip-hop, and bass releases. As fantasy becomes a behavioral norm, some artists discern a historical pattern.
Lyricism under Pressure: Naadya, Onuka, The Cancel, and KSKY
Four new publications from Russian and Ukrainian artists juxtapose the desire to sing or perform with a likely public response. In an unforgiving social context, dare one express private views?
Nostalgia: The Cancel, Pavel Ku, BuddhaChieff, and Significant Parallels
Five abstract hip-hop projects draw increasingly upon nostalgia. The unrealized potentials of the past are likened to an open tundra, the Milky Way, and even to the magical life of Benjamin Button.
Friends and Foes: Guru Groove Foundation, Love Options, and The Cancel
Guru Groove Foundation are about to release a debut album. What, in preparing for such matters, is more important: the rhetoric of excellence, or that of inclusion?

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