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A Reduction in Scale: Chimes, Xi Zhuang, SoulSonic, and Vytis
A couple of Moscow outfits release new material that emphasizes the joy of reduction - in tempo and/or PR. Those values are then transferred to some dub techno performers in Lithuania.
Harmonies Far from Home: Chikiss, Dropps, Vėjopatis, and Print V
Some new dub-techno, trip-hop, and chillwave publications are dedicated to issues of harmony. How do these styles reflect a sense of balance in the outside world? And where exactly does that equilibrium exist?
Kindly Explorers: Giriu Dvasios , Micbeatz, Nano, Rbe, and Deep Play
Some downtempo recordings from Russia and Lithuania this week use a related set of images. They turn to northern forests and other welcoming forms of "immersion" in order to foster the trust that's lacking in urban life.
The Enduring Appeal of the 1990s: Nseven, 101, and Ruslan Tagirov
The electronic / idm projects under consideration here all admit to a long-term affection for the music and culture of the 1990s. That same nostalgia fashions a certain sound, not to mention a particular view of adult experience.
From Lithuanian Forests: Subforms, Mikrokristal, Moonwalker, and SoulSonic
The Lithuanian label Cold Tear is based in a small industrial town, Mažeikiai. Much of Cold Tear's dub techno and ambient output is designed to look beyond local steel and concrete... to the older, quieter forests that designate Mažeikiai's limit.

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