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Simplicity: Odin v Kanoe, Blackpaperplanes, Mox, and Solntsetsvety
Three bands from Belarus and Ukraine offer new recordings in a range of unrelated styles from acoustic pop to post- and drone-rock. Across them all, however, lies a shared celebration of simplicity in a complex world.
Pondering Rock's Future: Tarakany, Kirpichi, Green Pepper, and Uncle Boo
Recent events in Moscow have led some to question the "rebellious" nature of Russian rock music - and whether it even exists any more. If not, what are the new values that might replace it?
Okean El'zy: The "Dolce Vita" of Doing Absolutely Nothing
In August last year, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk released an album by the name of "Vnochi" ("At Night") that was recorded together with a chamber orchestra and some of Ukraine's most famous musicians. The reason for this high-level, prestigious collaboration was, in the words of Vakarchuk, to "make Ukr...
Sviatoslav Vakarchuk: Civic Pride, Politics... and the People Next Door
Sviatoslav Vakarchuk is both lead singer and frontman of Okean El'zy ("Elza's Ocean"), arguably Ukraine's best-known rock group of recent years. The child of an academic family, Vakarchuk received a schooling that was rich in music, but ultimately he went on to follow his father's footsteps and...
Dalai Lama: Ukrainian Address, Buddhist Aims
Dalai Lama are from Lviv, Ukraine, where - judging by the city's music portal - there's an extremely healthy music scene.  At the moment of writing, the portal's creators are recommending the debut album by this local outfit.  It consists of eleven tracks and can be downloaded for free.  Curr...
Junglinskiy and DJ Belkin: New Ukrainian Hardcore
There are new two new breakcore and hardcore EPs to announce, both from Ukraine and both free.  They are welcome arrivals at a time when the nation's main breakcore site is not operational.  That leaves us grubbing around, going through myriad portals and looking for modest indications of acti...

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