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Teamwork: Koett, Xio, and the Newest "Dirty Deal Audio" Compilation
For musicians working with minimal time and zero financial support, the role of teamwork is vital. Three new releases from Russia and Latvia celebrate joint effort.
The Light Inside: Sus Dungo, Moa Pillar, Malish Kamu, and 4 Pozicii Bruno
One primary impulse in contemporary East European music is the desire for soundscapes to counter actuality. Four new recordings look askance at whatever is going on outside the front door.
Latvian Wizards of Vintage Hardware: The Dirty Deal "VA II" Collection
The members of Latvia's "Dirty Deal Audio" collective have published a compilation album in order to celebrate their successes in 2013. The overarching spirit of shared enterprise is genuinely striking.
Family Therapy: Coronabeats, Cao Sao Vang, Naive Diver, and LetsGetTune
Against the backdrop of a happy, productive hip-hop community in Latvia, some new publications by Russian artists take a dark view of group membership. Kindness and collaboration are both absent.
A Better Congregation: BWWWOYS, Kulakostas, 21 Outside, and Kodek
Several electronic publications look back on a fledgling, post-Soviet internet with nostalgia. The sounds and graphic art of the 1990s recall a time when kinder, more inclusive networks might replace ideology.
Flow: Blood Groove & Kikis, Ponty Mython, SPDSC, Shyam, and Tantsui
Some fresh house recordings from Russia and Latvia show a surprisingly similar worldview. They all celebrate "naive" and spontaneous interaction in a world of increasingly gray pragmatism.
Actuality as a Whirlpool: IJO, Chikiss, milktune, and Cao Sao Vang
For some electroacoustic artists this week, the role of material experience is twofold. It is seen both as lumpen tedium and as the world of leaden instruments - playing a better tune.
A Slow, Determined Erasure of Boundaries: New Releases from Datenbits
Moscow's Datenbits label is announcing fresh material from Russian and Latvian electronic musicians. Working on both sides of a political divide, they champion an erasure of stylistic boundaries.
Pure Passage: Echochorus, Biz., The Deformators, and Sleepwalking Music
Echochorus, a one-man project from Riga, has published a new soundtrack to the 1924 silent feature, "Aelita." Some core concerns from that recording emerge in other locations, far from the Baltic Sea.
From Optimism to Anxiety: Tesla Boy, Kodek, More, and Sadwave
Two new synth-pop recordings draw upon the songs and electronic games of a Western childhood in the 1980s. Their combined attempts to rework some half-forgotten cheerfulness fade as we move south...
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