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Minor Interactions: Raumskaya, Control Light, and Festival Lounge
As the socioeconomic situation worsens in Russia, so do attitudes towards society. Civic activity promises less and less. Consequently, several artists speak in support of minimal interaction.
Four Flights of the Imagination: Ma7Hu, Miyuki, Napo, and Dirty Owl
Four new recordings from Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania are dedicated to the appeal of absence. Being somewhere - anywhere! - else is an alluring alternative to local reality.
Ephemeral Zeal: Marsbeing, Igor Zaharov, Zetandel, and 2WeeksonYacht
A number of house and chillout projects from Russia and Ukraine this week address the issue of hard work. In an unpredictable environment, what makes more sense: diligence or spontaneity?

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