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Kindness and Unity: Eight Colleagues of the Warm On Family
Warm On is a hip-hop community on Moscow's northern edge. The group's members and colleagues operate in a wide number of Russian or Ukrainian cities. They all share a common philosophy.
Endurance: Kimberley, Human Tetris, High-Speed Kings, and Jakarta Project
A handful of new EPs and mini-albums this week show the importance of persistence over inspiration. That same validation of endurance then gets romanticized, turning difficulty into a badge of honor.
Flu GI: The Social Benefits of "Medicinal Music with Pineapple Chunks"
Last summer we took a look at the work of Flu GI from the Moscow suburb of Lobnya, followed by their side-project Terra Fantastica in December. Seemingly alternating between these two outfits, Nikita Kouznetsov has now swung his attention back to the former: Flu GI have a brand new album for the...
Terra Fantastica: Skateboarding as a Philosophical Credo in Moscow's Suburbs
In recent months, the excellent Rustypop Records have released material by a new off-shoot, going by the name of Terra Fantastica. Of all the bands housed at Rustypop, this novel project is closest to the membership and output of Flu GI; consequently, they're also based in the town of Lobnya, ju...
Rusty Pop's Sixth Anniversary: The Enduring Value of Good Management
On September 19th, 2009 the Rusty Pop label, based just outside of Moscow, will be celebrating six years of concerted effort with a Festival of Independent Music, operating under the title "13:30."  To set the stage for the event - at least in terms of mood and general outlook - the folks at Rust...
Flu GI: Noisy Boys and Swordfish from Moscow's Suburbs
Flu GI are - in essence - a duo from the northern Moscow suburb of Lobnia/Lobnya, where asphalt starts giving way to greenery and some very attractive czarist parks. Despite these peaceful surroundings (below), the area is currently home to the wonderfully noisy Rusty Pop records and their figu...

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