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Zombies and Woodpeckers: Raagthma, Kishochki, Coaxil, and Ninja Glam
Some challenging electronic releases hope to use minimalism as a way of expressing simple, yet brutal truths about society's failures. Only when we escape an urban setting does minimalism indicate peace.
Emerging Hope: Dancedancedance, Str, Red Delishes, and Stress Code
Several of these performers refrain from any promotional work; there seems little point in struggling against material obstacles, be they financial or technical. Champions of hope, therefore, must work very hard.
Anterna & Sead Noise: "Control Illusion" and the Weight of History
Anterna and Sead Noise are the pseudonyms of two young electronic musicians, one from Ukraine and the other from Russia. More specifically, the former resides in the city of Nikopol', shown below, and the latter in Kursk. The overriding theme that links these callow composers is - to be honest -...

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