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No Ordinary Love: Brunettes Shoot Blondes, Jack Wood, and "Girls on Fire"
A new Moscow EP brings together four ensembles all fronted by women - in order to celebrate March 8th. More important than either love or romance, it seems, are a range of related social issues.
Looking Upwards and Down: IWKC and Art Electronix (FFM37 and 38)
Two new releases from FFM. One is Ukrainian, the other is Russian - and both are instrumental. The difference between them, genres aside, is in their attitude to the weight of the surrounding world.
Simple Values: New House and Tech-House Tracks from Four Nations
Sergey Shyam runs a Moscow label called "Simple Things." Its core beliefs in collegiality and understatement are mirrored in other house and tech-house cuts this month, all published very far away.
Art Electronix: Partly Broken (Kryvyi Rih FFM6)
Art Electronix (Krivoi Rog, Ukraine): "In most cases, our compositions are made from collages of aging, defective sounds - together with old-school drum machine beats, all in the true Detroit spirit."
Productive Patterns: Glimsy, Art Electronix, SRPNT, and Andy Quark
Some St. Petersburg electronic recordings discern a happy overlap between the workings of nature and a minimalist soundscape. Civic clamor, however, often sounds louder - and more crudely.
Endless Metamorphoses: The Nenormalizm "Insects" Compilation
The Nenormalizm label has announced a new compilation, bringing together a wide range of artists from neighboring lands. The connection between them all is a celebration of metamorphosis.
Euphoria through Industry: Anivia, A. Galchenko, Katrin Souza, and Essonita
As a new compilation of progressive and euphoric/uplifting trance appears, a couple of questions also emerge. How exactly does joy become "progress" and to what is it responding in the outside world?
Buckled Circuits: Art Electronix, Alexander Prime, Dubtea, and Imiro
The Ukrainian duo Art Electronix have published some very dark and discordant portraits of massed, modern society. In other releases this week, social hope is found only in childhood or outer space.
Solitude and Smokestacks: Eskiz Koda, Karenin, Nathree, and Heinali
Quiet sounds emerge from four industrial locations: Krivoi Rog, Kiev, Bryansk, and Izhevsk. In all cases, an imposing context of steel and smoke produces a contrary reaction. Minimalism is fostered among the chimneys.

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