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A Very Fluid Movement: Gultskra Artikler, Mårble, Ajokki, and Wet Straw
Toying with the basic structures of techno or glo-fi, four new recordings from Siberian artists consider a different kind of escapism. Psychology slowly takes the place of dance-floor frippery.
Siberian Flight: Bisamråtta, Foresteppe, and the New Klammklang Tapes
Krasnoyarsk's Klammklang label has become the region's primary outlet for tape music. What, however, is the rationale or philosophy behind such an outmoded format in 2016?
A Tribute to the Past: Maxim Buldakov, Ilya Gerus, Inlensk, and Sugar God
All the way from Moscow to the villages of Siberia, a common idea finds voice in a handful of dance floor publications. In four of these releases, the romance of nostalgia and happy stasis proves most persistent.
Lemonday: "Favorite" (Krasnoyarsk/ Saint-Petersburg, FFM28)
The Saint Petersburg band Lemonday are currently a threesome: Julia Nakaryakova, Zhenya Il', and drummer Anton Pokrovsky. Together their craft wonderfully witty, lo-fi songs about life's underdogs.
Visions: Askaira Indishle, Darkcontrol, Nemnogo_Maxim, and P. Chigarskikh
Several electronic composers investigate audible forms of introspection, but what they find is not always consoling. Sometimes there's a thin line between pronounced lyricism and anxiety.
A Growing Silence: Hmot, A.B.S.T.R.A, Karel Böben, and SwallowBreath
A range of new electronic releases from Russia and Ukraine this week endorse a hushed and understated aesthetic. There's a shared conviction that greater insight lies within less noise. The quieter, the wiser.
Blankness: Neulovimye Mstiteli, Erotic on REN TV, Hypertoad, and Fuzzgun
A solo artist from Krasnoyarsk makes some dark quips about the tendency of life towards "misery and decay." Gradually, however, three simultaneous rock releases turn his humor into bona fide fatalism.
Fort/Da: Inthemorning, Birdy Oo, Every Man a King, and Voditel dlya Vera
Three Moscow bands this week, together with a kindred Siberian outfit, focus upon the workings of romance. Objects of desire remain elsewhere, both insistently and incessantly.
Hedonism: Tak Nado, Planet Ragtime, Businessman, and Valotihkuu
Some electronic recordings from Siberia and beyond express gratitude for simple joys. The hollow experiences of modern business make family life look especially appealing and rewarding.
A Slow Movement away from Home: Two Years of Origami Sound
The Origami Sound label has announced a celebratory compilation LP, gathering one hundred tracks from two years of work. Among the Russian contributors, a collective worldview takes shape.
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