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A Vinyl Ethos in Virtual Forms: The SPEKTRAL VA MIDItation Album
A compilation album showcasing new electronica from Krasnodar not only advertises a reputable academy in 2017. It is also inspired by a vinyl past.
Fuselab Wistfulness: Galun, Nienvox, Frunk29, and Summer of Haze
Four new LPs from the wonderful Fuselab label compare two different experiences. They evaluate social potentials in 2014 relative to both nostalgic memories of the 1970s and the peacefulness of a non-urban address.
Intimate Spaces: Ishome, Cream Soda, NiklāvZ, and Simak Delitvin
Mira Iskhome in Krasnodar releases some new recordings that are tied to Russia's southern electronic scene. For three other dancefloor publications this week, location is equally important.
Quiet Exits: Paul Formatick, Alexander Zhakulin, L.O.S., and Vejopatis
A number of tech-house and dub techno releases this week speak fondly of solitude. Both isolation and introspection have a unique significance for those who work online.
A Natural Stance: Nicolas Kotowicz, R-Tem, Asten, and Djackonda
The southern city of Krasnodar is home to several productive netlabels. Two of them announce new material in which the unavoidable solitude of digital culture is countered with something simpler.
An Alluring Game of Phantoms: SLP, Naru, Phlbeats, and MicroA
Eight gentle dancefloor compositions from three Russian cities voice support for a minimalist worldview. Muted sounds promote several understated values that are slowly forgotten in adulthood.
Touring House: Dima Terem, David Kareyan, Olga Coranny, and Asaga
A new Moscow compilation appears of house producers, underscoring both the advantages and problems that lie ahead for Russian dance music. Places both sunny and smokey are involved.
Immateriality: Major-Minor, Deepswell, Hells Kitchen, and Grace in Space
In our second overview of Krasnodar's Aura Music, we find that certain values come to the fore. None of them are bound to financial or material success.
Thoughts of Somewhere Far Away: Krasnodar's Aura Music Label
A young label from the southern city of Krasnodar is producing some romantically inclined deep- and progressive house. Local reality inspires the search for something better.
A Distant Gaze: Moon Woman, Maguett, That Sky, and Art Electronix
As a young musician from Krasnodar does much to hide his/her gender and location online, some other electronic artists find equal appeal in vague, distant realms. "Somewhere else" looks better than home.
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