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Outside: Pinkshinyultrablast, Oat Oaks, Alla Dmitrievna, and Australian Kiss
As various bands perform in distant places, travel the globe, or simply dream, a common desire emerges: the possibility of erasing geography altogether.
A Rare Acquiescence: Acrylic Paint, Stoned Boys, GU-100, and Fourstep
New recordings from the Subwise label, together with a Stoned Boys EP, romanticize the surrender to something better than drudgery. That potential may be on a dancefloor, in drugs, or in charity.
Three Levels of Complexity: The Slides, Reserve de Marche, and Ned Hoper
Placed side by side, these three projects from opposite ends of Russia suggest that solitude and introspection are trickier than civic struggle. Especially if society keeps interrupting
From Moscow's Smog to Outer Space: June Hunters and Klub Zavtrak
Two young ensembles from Moscow draw upon the romance of "unfinished" traditions within Soviet culture. Domestic rock music of the 1970s and tales of socialist space flight are both re-imagined
The Slides: “Soma” and a Cautionary Tale of Impending Violence
Each of our articles about Slaidy (The Slides) seemingly begins with a passing reference to their address. The band is from Komsomol’sk-na-Amure. As we've noted before, that's "only a couple of hundred miles from the Pacific Coast. It’s about as far from the capital as one can imagine." One m...
Pianochocolate and The Slides: "A" Sides, "B" Sides, and Singular Meanings
This week sees new material from two very different, yet equally appealing ensembles, both of which we've showcased before on this site: the lounge/trip-hop outfit Pianochocolate and  - from the Far East of Russia's huge expanse - boisterous indie rockers The Slides (Slaidy). Even from this fir...
The Slides: Like Leaping from an Arctic Cliff (Apparently)
In November last year, a small collection of promising songs came us from the very edge of Russia - from Komsomol'sk-na-Amure. Only a couple of hundred miles from the Pacific Coast, it's about as far from the capital as one can imagine. The residents of this town who left us with good impressio...
The Slides: More Important than a Washing Machine
A new EP has appeared from an excellent but little-known band, The Slides (Slaidy).  The group hails from Russia's Far East, more explicitly from the town of Komsomol'sk na Amure - a place so far from Moscow that it only became part of Russia in the mid-19th century.  Now, with a few hundred t...

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