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Four Minor Scales: X.Y.R., A Glaza-To Dobrie, Pur:Pur, and Midimode
These four new releases from Russia and Ukraine all lean towards a validation of smallness. There are various reasons not to be loud, arrogant, and self-assured. Local history is one of them.
Introspection versus a "Sputtering Blaze": Dustveil and Cat Inside
Dustveil and Cat Inside are two rock bands from very different contexts. They offer equally different views of silence, either as introspection or as a tense, noiseless pause on the brink of collapse
Fauna: "Have U Ever Talked to Angels?"
As Russian bands go about the business of shaping an identity for themselves, one of the most frequent references is to Bristol's Portishead - as an influence to be adopted or politely sidestepped.  In fact trip-hop as a whole forms a useful parallel for investigating the development of "local"...

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