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An Almost Hallucinogenic Anxiety: Dza, IJO, 300 Degrees, and Escenda
Four dancefloor recordings, from very different locations in Russia and Lithuania, are linked by a sense of troubling, yet productive worry.
Scouring Distant Peaks: Driezhas, Moa Pillar, .At/On, and Membranoids
Sounds emerging from the Baltic shore and Eastern Ukraine this week turn to nature for inspiration. The best way to channel something better than urban experience is, apparently, to cast language and logic aside.
Lithuanian Beats (via Brighton): IJO, Noythe, S13, and 300 Degrees
Blikmuzik is a micro-label based in Brighton (UK), but with strong connections to the Lithuanian D&B/dubstep scene. So much so, in fact, that the project's raison d'être can be traced back to a Baltic land- and seascape.
Four Champions of Transition: Deep Shoq, Fingalick, 96wrld, and ABCD
"Renegades of Bump" is an increasingly important organization within Lithuanian hip-hop. Aiming to brand the output of multiple beatmakers from around the nation, "RoB" publishes regular compilation albums. We examine the last two.

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