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Risky Rewards: Ishome, Illuminated Faces, King Imagine, and ALL BLX
Given the challenges facing young Russian musicians today, the theme of risk often arises. The unknown - be it financial or geographic - both unnerves and intrigues.
Faith: Cosmoskelet, My Little Brezhnev, Erotic on REN TV, and Feels Like Youth
The maximalist romance of some Russian and Estonian collectives this week pits sentiment against society. The latter is much more likely to win, and yet these stargazing idealists refuse to give up.
Three Kinds of Optimism and Cheer: Tanya Zykina, HFBN, and Igor Rysev
The performers under consideration here - despite their differing genres - all hope to foster a simple, almost timeless lyricism. That desire for uncomplicated self-expression has considerable resonance among audiences, also.

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