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Discreet Stanzas: Anton Malinen, Grebenshchik, Gaya Marina & "Bo i Bro"
Four new acoustic releases have roots in very diverse towns, all the way from Magadan to Kharkiv. What they share is a desire to hide from crude actuality.
Virtuality at RTS: Tema Rodin, Sasha Khizhnyakov, Artem Kleinst & Belogurov
Late last year, the online dance and electronica station RTS.FM celebrated its tenth anniversary. A new collection of sets and podcasts continues to shape a musical virtuality.
Just Because: The "Prosto Tak" EP by Kharkiv's Pur:Pur (FFM51)
The Ukrainian outfit known as Pur:Pur have just published five new songs, dedicated to issues of simplicity and amity. The inspiration for kindness today comes from a brief Soviet cartoon of 1976.
Simplicity: Ewert and the Two Dragons, Vihrea, Pur:Pur, and Evgeny Grinko
Against the backdrop of recent geopolitical events, one might understand why minorism would have a marked appeal. Four collectives from Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia place smallness front and center.
Marble Boy: Notion (Kharkiv FFM3)
Marble Boy are a duo from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv: Anton Shatokhin and Maria Demenko. Recent events at home are tangentially reflected in the private emphases of a new EP, entitled "Notion."
An Outsider Soundtrack: The Beryoza "Old New Year Compilation"
Moscow's Beryoza project releases another fine example of Slavic "ghetto" tracks, playing upon the meaning of provinciality in Russia and Ukraine. Humor and anxiety often coincide.
Global Options, Local Realities: Rață, Up & Pg, Broxy, and Snap Kit
Tetriz Records and Get High Music are Ukrainian tech- and progressive house labels. The role of collaboration is important for both projects, but what role does a label play in the face of piracy?
A Reconsideration of Sonic Space: The Ukrainian Zikro Compilation
The British magazine Wire has just published a very important and impressive compilation of new electronic music from Ukraine. Entitled "Zikro," it has been curated by Andrey Kiritchenko.
Lone Star States: Zimne, Unlockedoor, Dallas Freedom, and Kalander
Recent downtempo and trip-hop releases consider a common object of their varied desires. Distant towns - and even some unnamed stars - seem a pleasant alternative to the here and now.
Upbeat and Kindly: Koloah, Mad One, Cacao Mars, and Liquid Break
New future bass and hip-hop recordings from Ukraine and southern Russia all celebrate the importance of fickle fantasy. Interestingly enough, however, these artists begin to see imagination as a social principle.
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