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Pure Land: Parks, Squares & Alleys, Slackers, Businessman, and Kshettra
Disenchanted with their hometown experience, a number of rock outfits prefer imagination to actuality. Inspiration is found in bedroom solitude, post-Soviet gangster bravado, and even some Buddhist tenets.
A Natural Chorus: Oleg Legky, Marina Nevgen', The Wright, and Bio Trio
Four melancholy releases all find solace by imagining a grander, quieter realm. Private anxieties fade away. The same consoling process is evident in new folk recordings, born of a parallel experience.
A Monochrome Romance: Atlantida, Tinavie, Ghostlight, and Sistra
A handful of new releases speak of an inherent "romance." Such phrasing may hardly be novel, but the reasons for which both private and public yearning stubbornly endure are very locally specific.
A Wholly Natural Sense of Good Taste: "Dust on Boots," No.2
The Russian city of Khabarovsk is not far from the Pacific coast. Here the "Dust on Boots" collective has been quietly fashioning a number of downtempo house releases. Local nature sets the scene.
A Fine Impermanence: Boring Room, Iazik Kowki, Blagodat, and Ifwe
Starting in the Pacific city of Khabarovsk, four introspective recordings consider the name and nature of perfection. Some values or virtues seem to benefit from being eternally out of reach.
Spaces: Ugly Snowflake, Inside the Mind, Hyaena, and The White Church
Two rock bands from Russia's Pacific coast speak of their location in terms of romantic, if not tragic isolation. Moving inland, other ensembles from the Volga region view "wilderness" in very different terms.
Folk Songs: Oleg Legky, Tripinadva, Alexey Arkhipovsky, and Nevidimki
This week, a rather lonely songwriter from Khabarovsk has caused a small sensation in the Russian web. His themes of crushing fate and acquiescence, however, are reflected in a host of other releases, too.
Anchoring Effects: Tree Bosier, A Good One, Chushi, and Dissident
These four recordings - from some very distant corners of the Russian map - are designed to consider the workings of fantasy. Musicians yearn far from home, yet remain worried over what - if anything - awaits them...
Labels Near and Far: Absurde, Dust on Boots, and 26 Tea Drops
Two deep- and tech-house labels have been especially active of late: Absurde and Dust on Boots/26 Tea Drops. Despite their kindred style, these projects are challenged by very different distances.
The Sound of Spaces: Coldflare, dEEPoint, Alexey Volkov, and Datamode
House tracks from Khabarovsk, Rostov-na-Donu, and Nizhny Novgorod this week all link their "welcoming" sounds to a hometown. When, however, we turn to some new techno, things are very different.
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