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Sonic Protest: Pripoy, Ninja Glam, and Siberia's "Vovne" Community
Two noise projects in Moscow see a connection between their recordings and the nation's social fabric. Similar ideas transpire far away––in Siberia's "Vovne" group.
Four Vistas: Plane Passenger, More & Rel'sy, Motorama, and The Toads
A couple of rock bands far from Moscow ponder the benefits of avoiding its cutthroat industry. No matter how that might sound like consolation for a failed career, other ensembles tend to agree.
Sounds from the Edge: Pill for Doll, No Party, Hello Gonzo!, and Creepy Lily
A handful of new lo-fi or DIY recordings leads to a discussion of "peripheral" enterprise, far from any center of national media. For all the problems that causes, there are also discernible benefits.
A Beautiful Insignificance: Some Social Concerns of New Russian Rap
An overview of five acclaimed Slavic rap projects shows a decreasing similarity with Western fashion. Many aspects of Western rap are overshadowed by a unique and very local philosophy.
A Sensation of Considerable Pressure: Siberia's Vovne Project
"Vovne" is a wide-ranging musical collaborative, centered in the Siberian cities of Tomsk and Kemerovo. Across considerable distances, a shared philosophy comes slowly into view, born of late Soviet experimentation.
Vertinsky Dogs: Using Social Networks to Redo Socialist Romanticism
Psy Vertinskogo are from the Siberian industrial town of Kemerovo, and - as we noted back in the Spring of 2009 - take their name from a song by cafe chanteur Aleksandr Vertinskii (1916-1957). This dog-loving, decadent star of pre-Revolutionary culture was never a representative of Russia's gruf...
Vertinsky Dogs: "On My Lap" (Na koleniakh)
A couple of days ago, an album popped up from the southern Siberian town of Kemerovo.  It comes courtesy of a young band (currently reduced to a duo!) who go by the name of Psy Vertinskogo; that translates as the "Hounds" or "Dogs of Vertinsky."  After fifteen seconds of detective work we stum...

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