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From Kaunas to Marrakesh: Ewan Limb, Analog Attention, NRK1, and Gilus
From Kaunas in Lithuania, a couple of young producers use music as a form of immaterial, even ideal experience. Sound grants a sense of location and membership far from the material hassles of DIY enterprise.
Urbi et Orbi: Vytis, Neon Lights, Yunost, and The Flaming Lotus
All the way from synth-pop to glo-fi and dub techno, disparate collections of new sounds are inspired by urban experience. They either look back to the romance of an older, fondly recalled city or head for the hills...
Sensuality as Hard Work: Bogdan Taran, Max Lomov, and Santi Touch
Santi Touch (Vytautas Sarapinas), Bogdan Taran, and Max Lomov operate between the cities of Kaunas, Riga, and London. That list alone is enough to suggest some considerable levels of effort - in the name of entertainment.
Elegiac: Tobias Faar, Ego Ex Nihil, Ownsi Lense, neuroSampler, and Uior
New glitch and drone compositions from some Russian and Lithuanian towns together create a sad picture of modernity. Escape offers more promise than the here and now. The further one travels, the better.

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