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Wayfaring Sounds: SCSI-9, Mokh, Feldmaus, and Alexander Saykov
Discussions transpire this week regarding the ways in which electronic music lacks an evident center online. Over time, however, the strange benefits of decentered enterprise become clear.
Common Enterprise: The Fantasticka "Get Together" Compilation
Moscow's "Fantasticka" collaborative actually represents a wide range of Russian locations and styles. Several members have now made an album together, singing the praises of common effort.
Outsiders: Zelmershead, Bruks Production, Paiton, and Lenina Paket
A couple of Russian beatmakers draw upon vigorous styles of the past for their new releases. Nostalgia brings consolation and inspiration. Slowly, however, the optimism and tempo both falter.
Mobile Traditions: Oblepiha, Enko, Velvet Lung, and Stereo Silence
From a host of relatively small cities come peculiar noises. Each borrows from the romance of a rock tradition, but actuality soon undermines any confidence or swagger. Reverie takes something of a beating.
Four Voices: Jazzator, Natasha Borzilova, Nina Karlsson, and Non Cadenza
Four excellent female performers - and their colleagues - have new releases to announce. They come from the stages of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and... Nashville. Tales of creative risk and new lands come together.
Highs and Lows: Shyam, Kurvenschreiber, Gillepsy, Ovrkl, and Tronical
A couple of netlabels from Kaluga and Yaroslavl frame new releases with a common philosophy. Both projects are inclined to stress the hedonism of the dancefloor, since real-world disaster seems inevitable - sooner or later.
Dreaming of Somewhere Else: MOX Salnikov, Yunost', and Sö
A number of recordings now available from Kaluga, Moscow, and Novosibirsk all use themes of desire or dreaming in order to evoke "somewhere else." More specifically, they are driven by the appeal of distant times and places.
One Story, Three Endings: Heart Blockade, 73!, and Moscow Witch House
Recent ambient recordings from Kaluga and Ulyanovsk express trust and confidence in their rural surroundings. Some new witch house material from Moscow has a much darker view...
The Lasting Strength of Silence: Katia Pletneva, Mamkiny Busy, and So
A brief overview of three projects from southern Russia and Belarus helps to show that the cultural relevance of quiet, acoustic performance endures. Especially in a loud social setting, where mobility can be vital
Introspection vs. Revolt: The Postman of Nobel and Arrok Cherez Okean
The Postman of Nobel and Arrok Cherez Okean are two seemingly unrelated ensembles - and yet they are linked by a common dissatisfaction with the cliches of rock performance

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